Free Technology for Teachers: Find Helpful Bibliography Templates in Google Docs

The Google Docs template gallery is a good place to check out before you create your next form or document that requires a lot specific formatting. Chances are someone else may have had a similar need and has already created and published a template that you can use. For example, the Google Docs template gallery has templates for creating bibliographies in APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago Style. This is a great addition to the list of bibliography tools that I’ve reviewed in the past.

Applications for EducationThe Google Docs bibliography templates could be very useful for any student that needs to create a bibliography. The templates can be embedded into a classroom blog as a model for students to follow even if they don’t use Google Docs to create their bibliographies. 

This is one piece of Google Docs that I think a LOT of people overlook – templates! I have found some great ones in there myself. Now that we have Google Apps for our teachers up and running, I’m even more excited about the possibility of building a library of templates specifically for the school district.


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