BoomWriter – Schools

BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!

It’s easy & it’s free.

  1. The teacher selects or produces his or her own story start, and the students let their imagination and writing skills take over.
  2. One chapter at a time, the students write, read, and then vote on the submissions they like the most. The winning chapter is then added to the story and the process continues.
  3. The teacher determines the total number of chapters to be completed, and when the competition is over a new book is ready to be published.

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Although this site definitely has an elementary feel to it, as a former French teacher, I immediately started to think about how this tool might be used in a language classroom or even with English Language Learners. I was a bit concerned about the aspect of students voting on the “best” chapter that gets to be the next part of the book, but after watching the video I realized they don’t know whose selection is whose.

The site also includes a sample book that was written with a story starter. I would be very interested in seeing other samples that classrooms have created, as well as how the overall experience went.

Here is the ink to the PDF sample story:


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