Artsonia Art Museum – Digital Student Galleries

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Major20

Artwork by student Major20.

Recently, I visited one of the high schools in my district and was amazed by the talent of our students. Even the halls of the building showcased samples of their creations, which I found myself taking a lot of time to enjoy. Then I started to think about the limited audience this school gallery was exposed to and how wonderful it would be if they took their artwork digital.

Then today I stumbled across Artsonia. Teachers can build multiple galleries of their students’ art projects, which can be organized by grade. What I found to be particularly intriguing about Artsonia was the social aspect of it. Student artwork is posted with their first name (or pseudonym) and an ID number . Family and friends can comment on artwork and even sign up for alerts when new pieces are uploaded.

Artsonia also gives visitors the chance to purchase a variety of items, such as mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags and more. 15 percent goes back to schools from every purchase, which is a great way for school art programs to raise funds.


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