ThinkB4U – Internet Safety Skills Taught Interactively

How does the site work? Here’s a quote from the “About” page that tells you more:

“This site, designed by Fuel Industries, includes three main components that are meant to be explored together.

Each location — Home, School, Mall — includes several video shorts about a modern family’s experience online. You determine which path the family members take at the critical decision point. Do you text that to your boyfriend? Do you purchase that ukulele? These shorts are just snapshots of more complicated issues. But, they all attempt to address a fundamental message of taking a moment to think before acting.

Interactive Objects:
As you view each video, you can collect interactive objects! An object opens up a quick game about the subject of the video. Once you collect the object, you can access it at anytime during your session.

When you scroll down the site, you will find complementary messages targeted for each audience — Students, Parents, Educators. These messages intend to strike a quick educational point. If you want to find out more about the subject, just click the link below the message. This will open up a pop-up with tips, advice, and links to partner resources.

Make sure to check out the resources as linked in the educators’ and parents’ sections of the site! These resources point to curriculum and advice provided by Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, and National Consumers League.”

ThinkB4U is the product of a collaboration between Google and safety partners Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, and National Consumers League. It’s objective is provide instruction about online safety through in an interactive way. There is content geared directly to students, parents, and educators.

I saw this site twice today on my Plurk timeline, which is why it caught my attention, so I was compelled to check it out. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the site. It looks very promising.


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