Ipads, Evernote, and Second Graders!

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A blog about implementing online portfolios with Evernote and the ipad.

Caroline Bucky-Beaver‘s insight:

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Appealing Apps for Educators: Flipping iPad from Consumption to Creation Station

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Creativity in the classroom is more abundant than ever as teachers and students are using iPads in amazing ways.

Caroline Bucky-Beaver‘s insight:

Great list of iPad apps here that can be used to create content.  For each app, she provides an explanation of how the app can be used in the educational setting.  What I love about her list is that she also offers other, less expensive, options to the primary app she features where options exist.

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Classroom Routines Made Simpler with QR Codes | TWO WRITING TEACHERS

What a great way to make use of one device (or multiple) in the classroom!  Use QR Codes and Google Forms to create a system for students to checkout and return classroom books. There is a link to a “clean” version of the form that the teacher used for this system at the bottom of the original blog post.  Be sure to read through some of the comments for additional ideas others had since reading this post.

“All you need is an iPad or an iPhone for student use, a wi-fi connection, and access to Google Drive to implement systems like these.  And don’t think you need to put QR codes on all of your classroom’s library books to make Dan’s system work in your classroom! Once Dan’s students click on the QR code, it takes them to a Google Drive where they fill out each book’s information.  That is:

  • their name
  • the borrowing date
  • the title of the book they’re borrowing
  • the author’s last name

When they return the book they complete the same information, but include the date of return. How easy is that?”

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5 Awesome iPad Posters for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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5 Awesome iPad Posters for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

This is one example of the 5 iPad related posters from the above linked post.  I love this poster in particular as it targets iPad management for teachers who may be new to integrating them into their instruction.

9 Events in Instruction: Infographics Collections

Below is an example of one of 9 infographics from an incredible collection of 9 infographics that focus on the instructional process. The first poster begins with gaining students attention and the last focuses on enhancing attention. Each infographic delves deeper into each instructional “event” to provide a list of strategies and ideas for how to accomplish that “event”.  All are located on An Ethical Island blog.

An Ethical Island

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Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom

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“There are so many tools that educators can use to get students interested and engaged in their work. Like most teachers today, I integrate technology into my instruction everyday.”

Caroline Bucky-Beaver‘s insight:

QR Codes are easy to create and can be especially useful in the BYOT/BYOD classroom.

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Apps in Education: Skitch Primary Poster

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“This is the second in a series of posters for supporting Primary students in an iPad environment. I love Skitch as a tool for my students to show me what they have learnt. I know a lot of the students navigate freely within the touch and swipe environment but this is for those little ones who might forget what some of the buttons do.”

Caroline Bucky-Beaver‘s insight:

Skitch is a WONDERFUL app.  I will need to share this with schools in my district that are new to using iPads.

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5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher Order Thinking Skills

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5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher-Order Thinking — THE Journal via thejournal.com I love articles like this! The ideas are simple, easy to integrate across disciplines and grade levels and the tools are cost-effective – FREE! The best part…addressing higher … Continue reading